Game and Graphics Engine

The engine is the central piece of every video game. A more powerful and well designed engine will allow for a game idea to fulfill it's potential. Custom engines or heavily modified commercial/free engines are the best choice when building a video game.

All engines must have the capability of being modified to allow for new modules to be added as needed. There are many components to a system, but there are primarily three main systems. Each of these systems are constructed of subsystems which may include modules outside of those listed below.

Core System:

cog0 Memory Subsystem
cog0 File Subsystem
cog0 Object Subsystem
cog0 Math Subsystem

Primitive Graphics System:

cog0 Transformations
cog0 Cameras
cog0 Polygons/Strips
cog0 Vertex Buffers

Scene Graph System:

cog0 Bounding Volumes
cog0 Scene Hierarchy
cog0 Detail Level

Throughout this section you will find custom video game engines.