Video Games

We all have stories to tell and imaginations to explore. Video games are a perfect outlet to share these tales.

Our games start as nothing more than chicken scratch on a piece of paper. We then mold the idea into a working concept and create a project for the idea. After many discussions and tweaks a concept document is created. It is at this point in which a project is given life, or dropped into the ether.

Once the concept document is approved work begins on the design. Some major concepts are hashed out and planned for feasibility. Some important points are:

cog0 Platform
cog0 Programming Language
cog0 Concept Art
cog0 Single player or Multiplayer
cog0 Scope

This is a very important first step of the long but rewarding journey of creating games. Throughout this section you will find both completed games and budding game ideas (otherwise known as projects).