Kougai is a 3D mech game set in the distant future on an alien world. The player's viewpoint is from a top-down/isometric angle set on a 2D map. The object of the game is for the player controlled mech to repel all the invading aliens before time expires. This may involve the mech going on the offensive or hanging back to repel waves of hostile enemies.

The pilot is able to upgrade various systems in the mech by capturing weapon or armor crates. The mech has unlimited base ammo and armor, while having limited power-up ammo and armor based on the type collected. Base armor/weapons and health will replenish over-time.

Some items displayed on the screen are:

cog0 Health of the player's Mech
cog0 Health of the targeted enemy
cog0 Number of enemies left
cog0 Crosshairs for where the Mech is aiming
cog0 Currently equipped weapon payload
cog0 Currently equipped armor payload


cog0 Programmed in Java
cog0 Modified Xith3D engine
cog0 Code by Patrick Levoshko
cog0 Code by Mark Tulewicz
cog0 Art by Trey Anesi
cog0 Code available by request
cog0 Game hosted on www.BinaryForceGames.com