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Patrick Levoshko

136 Broad Meadow Drive


East Bridgewater, MA 02333

Cell: 774.222.0360



cog0 Senior Software Engineer with strong investigative and debugging skills
cog0 Skilled in managing and following the various agile software lifecycles
cog0 Proven ability to manage individuals and projects
cog0 Able to communicate effectively with both colleagues and customers
cog0 Efficient and dependable with meeting strict deadlines
cog0 Highly motivated to learn cutting edge technologies and how best to add it into existing or current projects

Skill Set

Programming Languages : C++, C, Objective C, C#, Java, Python, Perl, XHTML, HTML, XML, Shell
Tools : ClearCase, ClearQuest, SVN, Perforce, Coverity, GDB, GNU C++, Sun Workshop, Microsoft Visual Studio, XCode, JavaBeans, Eclipse, Microsoft Expression
Operating Systems : UNIX, Windows, Linux, MS-DOS, iOS
Protocols : POSIX, Telnet, TCP/IP, RPC, OpenGL, XNA
Miscellaneous : Design by patterns, web design, client/server programming
Training : ISO9001 Quality Systems, Electrostatic Discharge, CORBA programming


Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory

Lexington, MA

Senior Software Engineer; Advanced Satcom Satellite Systems

Aug 2003-Present

Provide ongoing software development and support for a complex terminal used for the development and control of next generation military communications satellites (AEHF/MILSTAR). System is a custom hardware design driven by a Solaris based multi-threaded (POSIX) application, implemented in C/C++ using ClearCase for source control.

cog0 Architected and implemented the re-engineering of test-bed control software for use in a true in-field system. This involved splitting the code base to run as two separate processes, one of which was handling the synchronous data from an external third-party device and sending the data through a black box system to the second process which was waiting asynchronously for the data.
cog0 Designed, implemented and tested system controller protocol. Implemented with asynchronous message handling to receive and distribute messages across multiple systems to provide resource monitoring and orderly control of the additions, deletions, modifications, and movements of satellite beams.
cog0 Designed, implemented, and tested with on-site support, an infrastructure that communicates with an external third-party device though fiber-optics. Effort included making a connection to this device using TCP/IP sockets while using a multi-threaded C++ asynchronous design to handle and check incoming data. Created a system state machine to keep track of the system database which included newly opened TCP/IP ports to the external device, along with all pertinent information needed to process data being passed to and from said external device.
cog0 Implemented various complex synchronous protocols used for configuring and operating the test systems. This involved C++ implementations of message definitions for new protocol, unit testing and integration testing for on-schedule delivery. This particular functionality required broad understanding of the software system including database access, hardware configuration, threads, and managing resource contention.
cog0 Generated design documentation for the implemented functionality, subjected to peer review.
cog0 Conducted and attended meetings and teleconferences to support documentation requirements and implementation with multiple 3rd parties.
cog0 On-site software support during official acceptance testing throughout various releases of the system software.
cog0 Additional responsibilities included mentoring team members and interviewing candidates.

LTX Corporation

Westwood, MA

Software Engineer; User Interface

Jun 1997-Mar 2002

Designed and developed C/C++ software for automatic semiconductor test equipment which was used to test digital, linear and mixed signal integrated circuits.

cog0 Spearheaded successful debugging of customer cell phone application. Created and delivered a tool written in C++, JavaScript and XML to the customer. This tool included custom ftp scripting and XML files.
cog0 Enhanced functionality of above application by meeting with colleagues and customers to gather requirements. Created tool using C++ to collect and transmit information in XML back to the LTX network for archiving and analysis.
cog0 Initiated successful update of window management process for clients. Analyzed customer input and created a C++ and X/Motif-based solution, which was successfully delivered.
cog0 Redesigned and deployed the user interface for over 43 software tools to comply with new specifications needed to upgrade from Solaris 2.5 to Solaris 2.8. This included updating the C++ core libraries and working with Red Hat, Inc. software to resolve GNU compiler issues such as new compiler switches.
cog0 Wrote ISO9001-compliant documents, owner’s manuals and test suites. SQA test suites were written in C++, Java, XML, HTML and X-runner.
cog0 Maintained legacy C++ code on two major software releases with different architectures utilizing the same functionality.


DePaul University

December 2011

Chicago, Illinois
M.S., Software Engineering; Concentration in Gaming and Entertainment Technologies
Completed with 4.0 GPA

Upsilon Pi Epsilon 2010
Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society 2009
Golden Key International Honour Society 2008

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

December 1997

North Dartmouth, Massachusetts
B.S., Computer Science; Concentration in Software Engineering

References Available Upon Request